Back Soon! A Note From the Author

It was a really ambitious task to start a science blog as I finished my PhD. I initially thought this would be a great way to write out my thinking as I ran into problems with analysis, thought through challenging questions, and share what I’ve learned. The good news is that I’ve finished my PhD and will be starting work in a couple weeks. 

And while my thoughts that this blog would be a helpful place to share those things is definitely true, after I finished the few posts I’d planned to get it going, I simply ran out of time, and after I defended in May, I’ve been recharging my mind. I have lots of fun posts planned, so stay tuned. Also, I decided that while I could keep naming this blog after myself, I’d prefer to have a different name. So welcome to the Socially Skeptical Blog. 

Some of the topics include: 

- My frank advice on choosing grad school programs and finishing a dissertation

- My take on some recent papers about obesity 

- What some of the words commonly used about trauma and adversity mean and how we can use them more intelligently

- A population health perspective on yoga injury 

- Article summaries

Stay tuned!

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